Jun 20, 2014

Southern Cameroons: SCNC Leader Chief Ayamba Passes Away At The Age Of 91

The Southern Cameroons National Council (SCNC) has announced the passing of HRH Chief Ayamba Ette Otun, its National Chairman and prominent figure in the fight for Southern Cameroons’ independence. Chief Ayamba devoted his life to the people of Southern Cameroons and their cause. He was a strict Baha’i Believer and often worked tirelessly for the cause, sacrificing personal leisure, as well as refusing to take bribes from the Biya regime to give up the cause of freedom. At the age of 91 he was still advocating for the cause by trying to unite all factions together, in order to hasten the statehood of Southern Cameroons. From brave soldier to leader of his people, Chief Ayamba loss will no doubt resonate with the people of Southern Cameroons and their fight for freedom and justice.

Below is an article published by the SCNC: 

HRH Chief Ayamba Ette Otun, National Chairman of the Southern Cameroons National Council (SCNC), slept with the Lord on Wednesday June 18, 2014 in Mamfe General Hospital in the Southern Cameroons, at the age of 91 after a brief illness.

On December 31, 1999, the long, gray beard Chief Ayamba, together with Justice Ebong and Pa Sabum, seized Radio Buea and proclaimed the independence & restoration of the statehood of the Southern Cameroons. They were arrested and release 18 months later, without a trial by the Biya’s junta in La Republique du Cameroun. After the death of Dr. Luma Martin, Chief Ayamba was elected SCNC National Chairman. Ever since, he vowed never to shave his beard until the Southern Cameroons was completely freed.

As the General Manager of a commercial firm called SOCIETE NATIONALE CAMEROUNAISE (SONAC) in Bamenda, Chief Ayamba remains instrumental for the naming of the SONAC Street in Bamenda mainly because of the way he managed SONAC Bamenda.

"Chief Ayamba is a Baha’i believer. He gets up every day at 4am to pray for an hour and drinks 1 litter of water immediately after prayers. He does what he calls “Water Therapy” by drinking 5 litters of water a day. He drank before eating and never drank water after eating".

No amount of eulogies can best describe the National Chairman's steadfastness. Despite the back stabbings from some of his close associates, he sacrificed his personal leisure for the cause and refused millions of FCFA from the Biya’s regime to give-up the struggle thereby selling out the Southern Cameroonian People.

Chief Ayamba worked relentlessly for the unconditional emancipation of the Southern Cameroons. It is unfortunate that the Government of La Republique du Cameroun neither respected age nor Royalty. They subjected Chief Ayamba to harsh and unbecoming treatments in Cameroun jail houses, often because of his belief in an independent Southern Cameroons.

Before he became ill, he was working on the possibility of bringing all factions together, to regroup our energies by forming a united front in order to hasten the ongoing march of Southern Cameroons to statehood.  He even agreed to sign a document to this effect.

Our National Chairman HRH Chief Ayamba fought the good fight and has transitioned as a brave soldier and commander of the SCNC, Southern Cameroons and its People.  His legacy will forever live on and "The Struggle Continues."