Jun 05, 2014

Iraqi Turkmen: Turkish Officials Decry Persisting Terrorist Attacks

Turkmen in Iraq find themselves the target of numerous terrorist attacks, particularly in the provinces of Mosul, Saladin and Kirkuk. Following the most recent attacks, on 30 May 2014, Turkey's Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a written statement condemning all forms of terrorism and expressing anxiety for the safety of Iraq’s Turkmen population.

Below is an article published by Business Recorder:

Turkey's Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned recent attacks on Turkmen in Iraq in a written statement on Friday [30 May 2014].

According to the ministry's statement, Turkmen living in Iraqi provinces of Mosul, Saladin and Kirkuk have been victims of terrorism, which has intensified in recent days.

"At least five Turkmen farmers were killed by unidentified people yesterday [Thursday 29 May 2014] in Iraq's Mosul province," said the statement.

Another four Turkmen were killed and six were injured on May 28 [2014] in Iraq's north province of Saladin after the Turkmen's houses were targeted with numerous bombs attacks, according to the ministry.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry condemns all forms of terrorism, no matter who is the target and of what origin.