May 27, 2014

Moro: Upi Holds Peace Advocacy Symposium

The local government of Upi held a Peace Advocacy Symposium on the proposed Bangsamoro Government on 25 May 2014, expressing its support for the agreement.

Below is an article published by Luwaran:

The local government unit of Upi held peace advocacy-symposium on the proposed Bangsamoro Government in cooperation with the MILF Kutawato Provincial Political Committee on May 25, 2014 at Poblacion Nuro.

Upi Mayor Ramon Piang Sr. delivered the welcome message the participants comprising some members of the MILF Central Committee, Bangsamoro Transition Commission, local tribal and religious leaders.

Prof. Raby Angkal, who represented MILF 1st Vice Chairman Ghadzali Jafaar, reminded the audience and DXUP Teleradyo listeners how Rajah Tabunaway and Datu Mamalu, the ancestors of the Moros and the Tedurays, respectively governed their people in the then unexploited Mindanao.

Atty. Haron Meling, Chief Executive Assistance of BTC Chair Mohagher Iqbal discussed the envisioned ministerial form of government for the upcoming Bangsamoro Region.

He stressed that, “Under the new Bangsamoro new polity all sectors of the society will be represented”. That draft basic law contains that women, indigenous people, settlers and the youth will have their seats in the Bangsamoro Regional Parliament. There shall also be party-list representatives.

Mr. Mario G. Debolgado, representing the settlers and the business sector, categorically stated that the incoming Bangsamoro Government is the solution to the centuries-old Mindanao question.

Atty. Rolando "Anwar" Chew representing the "New Muslims" of Upi expressed his support to the Bangsamoro that maybe created by law.

"Yes to Bangsamoro Basic Law; Yes to Bangsamoro Government", said Atty. Chew. The symposium ended with assurance of support from the participants representing various sectors of Upi town.