May 26, 2014

Nagalim: Assault Of Naga Women By Lawyers Leads To Protests

After a court hearing in Delhi Naga student leaders were assaulted by lawyers present at the trial. This has sparked indignation in the student community, and protests at the Bar Council of India are planned.

Below is an article published by The Morung Express:

Two Naga student leaders and a lawyer were allegedly assaulted by a group of lawyers inside a courtroom in New Delhi on Friday. The incident occurred at the Tiz Hazari Court, Delhi, where the student leaders were present in relation to the hearing of case concerning the alleged molestation of a Naga woman.

Sources informed that on Thursday night, at around 10:00 pm, a Naga woman was assaulted and molested by one person, reportedly a lawyer, at the Vishwavidya Metro Station, Delhi.  The victim informed members of the Naga Students’ Union Delhi (NSUD), and subsequently an FIR was filed. The case was scheduled to be heard at the Tiz Hazari Court on Friday. Naga student leaders from Delhi, including NSUD officials, had accompanied the victim to the court.

However, it was reported that during the court proceedings, the culprit, along with several other lawyers began assaulting the NSUD President and the defendant’s defendant. An NSUD official informed that the NSUD President had to resort to jumping on to the Judge’s bench, in order to escape the group of lawyers. The interruption to the court proceedings continued for around thirty minutes, with neither the bailiffs nor court officials taking any action, it was reported.

The President of the Zeliangrong Students’ Union Delhi (ZSUD) was also assaulted by the same group of lawyers, while waiting outside the courtroom. The ZSUD President was with three other North East Student leaders at the time of the assault. An FIR, regarding the incident, has been filed at the Sabji Mandi Tis Hazari police station.

The NSUD has strongly condemned the incident and demanded that the licenses of the lawyers involved in the incident be terminated. “They are not fit to be lawyers,” an NSUD official stated. The union will stage a protest on May 27 at the Bar Council of India, New Delhi.