May 12, 2014

Abkhazia: Aiming For Increased International Recognition

The Republic of Abkhazia seeks to gain more international recognition of its independence by participating more in international organizations. In the hopes of building a “new, liberal and independent Abkhazia,” the republic aims to establish diplomatic and friendly relations with countries such as Turkey that hold historic and cultural ties to Abkhazia. 

Below is an article published by the World Bulletin:

Independent Republic of Abkhazia aims for diplomatic and friendly relations with other countries, says foreign minister.

Republic of Abkhazia aims to gain more recognition in the international domain by participating in the UN and other international organizations, the country’s foreign minister told Turkish reporters in the capital, Sohum, on Friday.

"We are building new, liberal and independent Abkhazia, but no country can develop [this] without its friends," Chirikba Viacheslav said, adding that the Abkhazian foreign ministry has established a strong partnership with Russia and tries to boost political ties with other countries.

A Turkish delegation of 76 journalists and academics visited the Republic of Abkhazia, the Turkish-Abkhazian Culture Association and the country’s Prime Minister Leonid Lakerbaya on Friday.

Viacheslav attached importance to Abkhazia's historic and cultural ties to Turkey, saying his country welcomes communication and relations between the two countries.

"Abkhazia asks Turkey to recognize its independence and to inaugurate diplomatic representatives in the capital Sohum as well as economic investment and sea and air transportation between the two countries,’’ Viacheslav said.