May 05, 2014

Ogoni: Diaspora In USA Demands Ogoni Governor In Rivers State

Deploring the underrepresentation of the Ogoni in Rivers State, The United States Chapter of the Ogoni Democratic Movement have subjected Ogonis’ votes to the appointment of an Ogoni as a governorship candidate in 2015.

Below is an article from the Nigerian Observer

The United States Chapter of the Ogoni Democratic Movement (ODM) has warned the two major political parties in Rivers State, the All Progressives Congress (APC) and the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), asking them to forget Ogoni votes if they don’t pick an Ogoni as governorship candidate in 2015.

The Movement expressed dismay that Ogoni as significant as it is does not reflect in the ethnic calculations of Rivers State, a situation the group claimed has shut the Ogoni ethnic nationality from producing a Governor, Deputy Governor or Speaker of the House of Assembly. The Ogoni is one of the three ethnic group that broker power in the emerging political battle in the state.

The two other ethnic groups, the Kalabaris (Ijaws) and the Ikwerres all are currently jockeying to produce the next governor of the state. From the Ogoni axis is Senator Magnus Ngei Abe from Ogoni and a Member of the House of Representatives, Dakuku Peterside from /Opobo/Nkoro.

In a seven point communiqué issued at the end of its meeting in Atlanta ,Georgia, the body observed that such reasoning places the Ogonis as marginalized people, which according to the Movement should be rectified in 2015 through the election of an Ogoni as Governor in Rivers State.

The communiqué signed by the National Coordinator, ODM-USA, Godwin Kpea, said; “Political parties in Nigeria, stakeholders of political groups, and party chieftains who are interested in governorship position in Rivers State should invoke an Ogoni candidature in its primary election to enjoy the benefit of Ogoni votes in 2015.

“We will never allow the world and in particular other Rivers State ethnic nationalities to cheat us anymore as we hold to keep our destinies in our cling fists. ODM stakeholders appeal to Ogonis in the Continental USA to support this campaign because it is just and realistic.

“The high intellectual capacity of Ogonis in the USA will be harnessed to benefit this aspiration. Ogonis are urged to deploy every resource available to achieve this noble and achievable cause.

Considering the obvious marginalization of Ogonis in the political scheme since the creation of Rivers State in 1967, the 2015 governorship election must produce an Ogoni as governor.