May 02, 2014

Somaliland: Cooperation With Puntland On Security And Border Disputes

Somaliland’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and the President of Puntland recently met in Ethiopia to discuss cooperation on border issues and security. The border between the two is disputed, thus threatening the stability of the region.

Below is an article published on All Africa

A ministerial delegation from Somaliland's administration has held a meeting with the President of Somalia's Northeastern State of Puntland Dr. Abdiweli Mohamed Ali Gaas in the neighboring country of Ethiopia, Garowe Online reports.

Addressing reporters at Egal International airport in Hargeisa upon return from Tana High Level Forum on Tuesday [29 April 2014], Somaliland's Minister of Foreign Affairs Mohamed Bihi Yonis disclosed that he met with Puntland leader in Ethiopia, discussing security and border issues on the sidelines of Africa Security summit in the capital of Amhara regional state of Ethiopia, Bahir Dar.

"We met Puntland President, as you know Somaliland is a peaceful country, it favors peace and at the same time welcomes anyone who has interest in Somaliland," said Yonis, adding that Somaliland government explained its borderlines to President Gaas.

Somaliland Foreign Affairs Minister noted that Puntland and Somaliland previously cooperated with each other on security matters in pursuit of better ties.

Somaliland forces briefly captured the historic town of Taleh which lies less than 100km from Puntland capital of Garowe from armed clan militias in mid-April [2014]. According to witnesses, Somaliland government last Friday [25 April 2014] deployed hundreds of its troops into the strategic oil-rich area of Holhol.

Puntland and Somaliland, located in northern Somalia have fought sporadic battles over the control of territories in Sool and Sanaag regions, with threats of instability gaining momentum following the seizure of Sool regional capital of Lasanod in October 2007.

Photo by Flickr © YoTuT