Apr 03, 2014

Balochistan: Four More Bodies Found In Mass Grave

Following the discovery of a mass grave in Balochistan province in Pakistan in January 2014, four more bodies have been recovered this week, bringing the total up to approximately 173 dead. Although the Asian Human Rights Commission has asked the UN to send a fact finding mission to Balochistan, Pakistan has continually denied responsibility for the mass killings targeting a group of advocates calling for greater autonomy.


Below is the article published by CENT NEWS:


On Tuesday [1 April 2014] the Balochistan Home Secretary Asad ur Rehman Gailani said that, in the last two days, four dead bodies were recovered from the Totak mass grave in Khuzdar District. 

In January 2014, a mass grave was found in Totak area in Balochistan province. The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) said 169 bodies were found in the mass grave. AHRC believed that they were members of a group calling for greater autonomy in Balochistan and who were suspected to be abducted by the Pakistan forces. AHRC has asked the UN to send a fact finding committee to find the truth behind the killings. 

But Pakistan denied its hand behind the mass killing. 

It is also reported that Pakistan forces have abducted more than 8000 people from Balochistan those who were raised in their voice for greater autonomy for Balochistan. 

Since then human rights organisations, eager to find out who is behind the mass killings have been asking for an international intervention. 

Due to pressure Balochistan’s government has ordered to probe into the death. 
The Pakistan Supreme Court has taken the case on suo moto and issued a notice to probe the killing. 

On Sunday [30 March 2014], three dead bodies were recovered from the graveyard. Out of the three bodies two were identified by their relatives.

On Tuesday [1 April 2014] one more body was found and with the last one the total number of bodies recovered has reached 17.