Mar 21, 2014

Iraqi Turkmen: Government Protection Urgently Needed Amidst Increasing Attacks

Following an attack on a Member of the Iraqi Turkmen Front on 17 March 2014, Arshad Al-salehi,  head of Iraqi Turkmen Front called on the government to offer protection to Turkmen lawmakers. Recent attacks on Iraqi Turkmen are feared to be part of a plot aimed at scaring them into fleeing their homes. 

Photo by @TurkmenNetwork

Below is an article published by : World Bulletin

Arshad al-Salehi, head of the Iraqi Turkmen Front, has described recent attacks on front members as a "plot" aimed at scaring Iraqi Turkmens into fleeing their homes.

"Attacks on Turkmens are systematic and aim to scare them into leaving [northern] Mosul," al-Salehi told Anadolu Agency on Wednesday [19 March 2014].

He went on expressing fear that "certain entities" are trying to encourage a nationwide exodus by the Turkmens, the third largest ethnic group in Iraq.

On Monday [17 March 2014], MP and front member Zahid Ismail was gunned down in the northern Ninawa province.

Al-Salehi called on the government to provide protection for Turkmen lawmakers following Ismail's slaying, for which no group has claimed responsibility.

The Turkmen Front is an umbrella group of Iraqi Turkmen political parties.