Mar 04, 2014

Hungarian Minority In Romania: UDMR Votes To Joins Government

UDMR, the ethnic Hungarian party in Romania, has decided to join Victor Ponta´s government.  

Below is an article published by Reuters:

Romania's ethnic Hungarian opposition party UDMR voted to join the leftist government of Prime Minister Victor Ponta on Monday, and will be given the environment and culture ministry portfolios, party officials said.

"We noticed that Romania now needs government stability taking into account the (domestic) context and situation around our country. Our contribution to stability is of paramount importance," UDMR leader Kelemen Hunor told reporters.

Ponta's main coalition partner quit the government last week after a series of disagreements. The exit sparked worries about Romania's ability to stick to commitments it made to the International Monetary Fund in exchange for a 4 billion euro aid deal.