Feb 25, 2014

Iraqi Turkmen: Demands For Representation In Local Government

Iraqi Turkmen are demanding more representation in the local Diayala government. The local governor expressed support for the appointment of an Iraqi Turkmen Representative. 

Below is an article from the World Bulletin:

The Turkmen community in the northern Iraqi province of Diayala are demanding high-level representation in the provincial government.

"The Turkmens of Diyala have suffered political marginalization throughout the past years," Ezzedin Saleh, head of the local council of Diyala's Jalula town, told Anadolu Agency on Sunday.

Turkmens are Iraq's third largest ethnic population after Arabs and Kurds.

They make up around 10 percent of Diyala's population, estimated at 1.3 million, according to recent local statistics.

Diyala's Governor Amer Salman, for his part, reiterated support for the Turkmen's demand.

"I support the appointment of a qualified person representing Turkmen in Diyala's local government," Salman said in press statements.

"They have contributed to development of the province throughout centuries," added Governor Salman.