Feb 11, 2014

Taiwan: Ready to Begin Landmark Talks With China

On Tuesday 11 February Taiwan will begin its highest level talks with China with hopes of easing tensions and discussing future outcomes for both countries.

Below is an article published by The New York Times:

Taiwan and China on Tuesday [11 February 2014] will hold their highest-level talks since splitting amid a civil war 65 years ago, with hopes of increasing contacts and easing lingering tensions, even as political developments on Taiwan swing away from Beijing’s goal of eventual unification. The discussions in the eastern Chinese city of Nanjing constitute the highest-level interaction between government officials of the two sides since the 1949 division — apparently a concession from Beijing, which otherwise refuses to formally acknowledge Taiwan’s government. No official agenda has been released, but Taiwan’s lead negotiator, Wang Yu-chi, says he hopes to discuss setting up permanent representative offices on each other’s territory and will push for greater Taiwanese representation in international organizations. China is adamant that Taiwan is part of its territory and must accept its political authority, threatening to attack the island if it declares formal independence or delays unification indefinitely.