Feb 04, 2014

Tibet: Prominent Local Leader Remains Imprisoned

Khenpo Kartse, a Tibetan Buddhist leader, remains in custody of the Chinese authorities in the Chamdo Prefecture after being arrested on 6 December 2013. 

Below is a press release published by the Tibetan Review:

China has refused to release a prominent local Tibetan Buddhist leader whom it had detained since Dec 6, 2013 without specifying any exact charge despite numerous petitions and protests by his outraged followers. The Chinese have only said Khenpo Kartse (acronym for Karma Tsewang) of Japa Monastery in Nangchen (Chinese: Nangqian) County of Yulshul (Yushu) Prefecture, Qinghai province, was being held by police in Chamdo (Changdu) Prefecture, Tibet autonomous Region, on “serious” accusations of “disturbing stability” there.

Radio Free Asia (Washington) reported [on] Jan 31 that following persistent pressure from protesting local Tibetans, including monks of Japa Monastery, Tibetan security officers from Nangchen County approached their Chamdo counterparts, seeking the senior monk’s freedom, only to be rebuffed by the latter.

The Chamdo police were reported to have said the charges against Khenpo Kartse were too serious, that he had carried out activities “disturbing stability” in Chamdo and he must therefore remain in their custody.

Recent reports have said Khenpo Kartse was in precarious health, including with inflamed liver.

Individuals among 16 monks of Japa Monastery detained after a large-scale protest on Dec 12 but all released by Jan 21 have said the Chinese were demanding to know from them what means were being employed by Khenpo Kartse to contact outside people.