Jan 08, 2014

Afrikaner: FFPlus Appeals To Solve Education Problems

The Freedom Front Plus regrets the persistence of problems affecting the South African education system. Among other things, it deplores the lack of discipline in some schools, the poor quality of the system and the number of dropouts.

Below is an article published by the IOL News:

The South African school education system is not bad, but many factors have a negative affect on its success, the FFPlus said on Tuesday [7 January 2014].

However, the situation could be turned around if the problems were “addressed purposefully and with strong leadership”, said Freedom Front Plus parliamentary leader Dr Pieter Groenewald.

“The lack of discipline in some schools, among both learners and some teachers, should be seen as one of the major reasons for the education problems,” he said.

Other factors were trade unions, corruption and poor service delivery.

Groenewald said the 2013 matric results raised questions about the quality of the education system.

“It's in the country's interest to make drastic changes.”

Serious attention would need to be given to the pass requirements of the subjects needed to pass matric.

“It's unacceptable that matric can be passed if a learner obtains 30 percent in three subjects and at least 40 percent in three more subjects.”

He said the job market required more, and school leavers were wrong if they thought a matric certificate would ensure them a job.

Another problem was the number of drop-outs.

“Poverty and social problems also have a big influence on the number of learners who do not complete their school careers.”

Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga announced a 78.2 percent pass rate for the 2013 matric class on Monday [6 January 2014].

In 2009, when Motshekga took over as minister, the pass rate was 60.6 percent. It has climbed steadily since then.