Dec 16, 2013

Southern Mongolia: Young Recruits Tortured by the PAP

A video showing Chinese People’s Armed Police forces torturing five young recruits in Southern Mongolia has gone viral, creating a scandal around the practices of the People’s Armed Police. There are documented cases of torture and human rights violations by the People’s Armed Police towards its workers from ethnic minority groups. 

Below is an article published by the Phayul:

video (graphic content - viewer discretion advised) showing senior PAP firefighters of China beating five young recruits in the city of Wuhai in Inner Mongolia has gone viral leading to huge outcry from internet users in China. 

The Tibetan Centre for Human Rights, which earlier published a manual from the People’s Armed Police (PAP) describing several recruits experiencing nightmares as the result of torturing Tibetans in 2008, said a treatment like this is expected of all detention by the PRC. During pre-sentencing detention, in prison, and in PRC’s extrajudicial detention centers, Tibetans are routinely beaten not only with fists, sticks, and belts, but also with chairs and electric batons. 

The 15-minute long video shows bare chested PAP officers beating up junior officers in uniform who don’t even raise a hand or move to defend themselves as they are slapped, punched and kicked like punching bags. 

The video quickly became one of the most searched for items on PRC’s most popular search engine Baidu where Chinese netizens expressed anger and shock at their domestic military acting like “hooligans” and being “cruel to their own compatriots.” 

The Chinese public who have been shown a protective and loving image of PAP by the party have now become aware that all that is shown to them is not necessarily the truth, read a comment on the video. 

A comment of Weibo, the PRC’s twitter service, read, “If you treat your own comrades like that, how do you treat others?” 

The local government of Wuhai confirmed the authenticity of the video shot in June 2012.