Dec 02, 2013

Ogaden: Innocent Civilians Arrested and Forcefully Removed

Forces under Ethiopian government have arrested innocent civilians in settlements surrounding the city of Degahbour. The civilians are reported to belong to the Ogaden National Liberation Front or its supporters.

Below is an article published by Ogaden Online:

Reliable reports that reached Ogaden Online service desk today [27 November 2013] from our reporters in Ogaden confirm the arrest and forceful removal of all Ogaden civilians in the towns and hamlets around the city of Degahbour. Ethiopian forces and its associated militia allege that these innocent civilians belong to 'Ogaden National Liberation Front-ONLF'.

It has also been reported that more than 15 so called local Administrator has been arrested. Their main allegation against these so called local Administrators is that they are 'ONLF members' themselves, which is the furthest thing from truth according to our reporters. 
Since the Ethiopian forces and its Liyu Associated militia appear to have failed in countering recent major losses on the battleground, it appears that this is another tactic in pressuring innocent civilians in the mistaken belief that mass removal and extra judicial detention of Ogaden civilians may slow down recent ONLF military advances to major cities.

The recent mass arrest and removal of civilians follows summons of the local state officials by the highest-ranking military officials in the region in last month. Reliable sources who were privy to the meeting between the military officials and all levels of the so-called local state administration told our reporters that the main agenda put forth by the military was how best to punish the Ogaden civilians in towns and hamlets surrounding major cities. It was alleged in the meeting that innocent Ogaden civilians in these areas were all 'ONLF members or sympathizers' hence the need for retribution.