Nov 25, 2013

Somaliland: Challenging Talks With Somalia

Planning the upcoming meeting between the Somali Government and Somaliland in Ankara is proving difficult.

Below is an article published by the SomaliCurrent:

Talks between Somalia’s Federal Government and Somaliland are facing new challenges ahead of planned meeting in Ankara on the first week of December [2013].

Both sides seem to have failed to implement articles in the agreement signed in earlier phases of the talks, including establishing a joint committee based in Hargeisa to manage air traffic control, equitable revenue sharing and not criticizing each side through the media.

Somaliland Minister of Interior, Ali Mohamed Waran-adde accused the federal government of inciting insecurity and political chaos in Somaliland, using local residents to do the work.

“Somali Government, ‘which is the enemy of Somaliland’, and its president are creating insecurity using misled local residents, the aim is to show that Somaliland is facing the same insecurity situation in Somalia,” Waran-adde said.

He claimed that the federal government is paying a lot to create political confusion in Somaliland.

Somalia’s Interior Minister Abdikarin Hussein Guled contradicted the allegations, stating that the Somali government is encouraging stability in Somalia.

The minister said that Somali President is delighted to see stable regions, Somaliland in particular.

“We heard Somaliland minister of interior’s accusation that President Hassan is creating political confusion and planning to ruin the administration, we are shocked to hear that,” Abdikarin said.

The accusations between the sides through media may spoil the talks and result to stall, according to Abdihabib Yasin Warsame, a political analyst in United States.

“The sides [Somalia and Somaliland] have to respect the agreement reached, each side has be patient and everything solved in a political way.” Abdihabib said.

Turkish ambassador to Somalia Cemalettin Kanu Turan said that his government will encourage both sides to continue talks, during a visit to Hargeisa on Saturday.

“The reasons of my visit [to Hargeisa] include proceeding talks between Somalia and Somaliland hosted by my country, although there are political issues, yet the talks will be continued.” Kanu Turan said.

Somaliland declared its independence from Somalia in 1991, but it is still considered regional administration in Somalia.