Oct 08, 2013

Ogoni: Video Report On Niger Delta Oil Spills

After an explosion in a Niger Delta oil pipe line last June [2013], the London based newspaper The Guardian sent Journalist John Vidal to visit the region and find out what the effects of the spill and the oilfields in general are on the regions inhabitants. 

Below is an article by: The Guardian.

The Niger delta, home to some of the biggest oilfields in the world, is heavily polluted from five decades of living with the oil industry. In June, an explosion at one of Nigeria's major pipelines spilled 6,000 barrels of crude into the creeks and swamps around Bodo village, killing several people. In this special investigation, John Vidal visits the region to find out why oil and the delta's residents do not mix. They speak to traders and visit the communities most affected, and ask what can be done to develop the area to the benefit of the people living there.

You can find the video report at the link above, and the full article here.