Oct 04, 2013

Oromo: Heritage World Tour Gathers Attention

Revival, reconstruction, institutionalization, and empowerment are the themes being covered in the ‘I AM OROMO’ world tour, which recently convened in Toronto and was attended by hundreds of Oromos from the region.

Below is an article published by Urjii Online

The world tour underway by two Oromo nationals under the title “I AM OROMO, FIRST” was convened in Toronto, Canada over the weekend. The convention that was held on Saturday, September 28, 2013 at Toronto Plaza Hotel attracted hundreds of Oromos of all ages, religions, and political backgrounds living in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) in Canada. Of the two Oromo nationals who are engaged in the world tour – Obbo Jawar Mohammed and Obbo Mohammed Ademo – Obbo Jawar was present at the Toronto convention, although Obbo Mohammed Ademo was not able to make it due to some personal issues.

In an invigorating socio-political atmosphere, all points of discussion by participants revolved around the Oromo identity and its homeland – Oromia, and the responsibilities of the present generation in general and the Oromo youth in particular in promoting the two underlying concepts were underscored at the convention. In his address to the participants, Obbo Jawar Mohammed elaborated on the phases that the Oromo national struggle has so far gone through, and the remaining phases that need to be completed. Obbo Jawar broke down the four phases as revival, reconstruction, institutionalization, and empowerment. Revival and reconstruction in most cases being the two phases that followed the subjugation of the Oromos by the Abyssinian rule, and were more of the restoration of the Oromo self, identity, cultural and psychological makeup that were damaged as the result of all the socio-cultural, historical and political destructions. But, Obbo Jawar’s focus was on the institutionalization and empowerment of the Oromos as individuals, as a society, and as a nation, both of which were described by Obbo Jawar as the responsibilities of the Oromo youth in particular.

Obbo Mohammed Ademo, who addressed the participants over the telephone, brought up the idea of launching Oromo independent media and briefly talked about its significance by relating it to the current time of the Information Era. Obbo Jawar further elaborated on this project of launching Oromo’s own independent media, which is already underway. The Oromos at the convention, who applauded and welcomed the idea, started pledging financial supports right away.

The “I AM OROMO, FIRST” world tour, which made its tenth stop at Toronto, is expected to continue and take place in the same way in other parts of the world where there are Oromo communities.