Sep 30, 2013

Nagalim: Jailed Leader Completes Hunger Strike

NSCN-IM leader Anthony Shimray is undergoing a hunger strike in jail, in commemoration of completion of three years under detention.

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On completion of three years under detention on September 27, 2013  in Tihar Central Jail New Delhi, the NSCN ( IM) leader Anthony Shimray wrote an open letter stating that he is undergoing a hunger strike from September 27 to  29 in commemoration.

It may be recalled that Shimray was arrested in Kathmandu Airport on September 27 in 2010 while flying from Bangkok to India.

In a press statement issued today the Naga People's Movement for Human Rights (NPMHR) stated that Shimray's wife was only  informed a week after the arrest.

As stated  in Shimray's letter  "this day will go down in the chronicle of Indo - Naga peace talks as a "black day", as no country in the world would kidnap or imprison a delegate who comes to attend peace talks .

In fact, this has caused  colossal damage to the image of the GoI and the peace process" wrote Shimray " The winds of change are blowing everywhere , even in Myanmar  the land known to be a modern Killing fields.

Whereas in a big democracy country - India fails to uphold the democratic values and human rights" .

Observing a black day, the NPMHR light candles and stood in solidarity today evening at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi calling for release of Anthony Shimray.

Maintaining that his release will be a statement of GoI 's commitment for Peace talks Shimray reiterated his appeal for release, which he said will reinstate trust and strengthen the peace process between the GoI and NSCN ( IM) which he says is in fragile situation.