Sep 30, 2013

Southern Azerbaijan: Political Panel Held In Ankara

Southern Azerbaijani leaders convened in Ankara, Turkey, on 20 September to discuss the future steps towards helping activists in Iran.

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Dr. Alireza Abdullahi, member of the South Azerbaijan National Awakening Movement (SANAM-GAMOH) Central Committee, participated in a panel aiming to analyze the situation of South Azerbaijani prisoners of conscience. The Iranian regime has increased its arrest and imprisonment of innocent and peaceful human rights activists in the country.

The panel, held on September 20, 2013, brought together an important number of South Azerbaijani thinkers, political activists, and those who have experienced the brutality of the Iranian Mullah regime in the prisons of various South Azerbaijani cities. Jailed activists are denied their basic right to appeal, and their families are threatened not to come for visits in an attempt to keep their condition unknown. However, reports from the families prove the regime is treating peaceful activists as if they are criminals.

The true criminal and oppressor is the regime that denies its people certain unalienable rights which are also listed in the Iranian constitution. One of those is article 15 of the Iranian constitution, which states that speakers of non-Persian languages are allowed to get education in their mother tongue. The truth is that the regime keeps ignoring both domestic and international laws protecting humans and nations.