Aug 28, 2013

Iraqi Turkmen: A Step Forward For Turkmen-Kurdish Reconciliation


The Iraqi Turkmen Front (ITF) is recovering the broken relations with the Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government by nominating candidates for Kurdistan parliamentary election on 21st of September 2013, a historical step since 1995.

Below is an article published by World Bulletin:

Ali Huseyin, the ITF candidate of Sulaimania, considered the decision to participate in the parliamentary elections, a contribution to the consolidation of brotherhood among the Kurdish and Turkmen people in the region. Stating that he was ready to negotiate with any party at home or abroad for the basic rights of Turkmens, Huseyin said “You cannot live inside your home closing all doors; Contact with outdoors is a must. It is not difficult to state that there are changes mutually.”

Touching upon the reaction of the Kurds living in the region to the decision of participating to the elections, “Kurds in the region welcomed the decision. This step is considered a principal step towards coexistence and serving the city,” said Huseyin.

On the other hand, the Irbil candidate of ITF Aydin Maruf, concerning the ITF decision to participate the elections, said,: “Politics in the regions is changing Turkmens are also affected by this change. This is historical decision that ITF took with its free will.”

Maruf also stated that Turkmens will partipate to the elections with 5 lists namely ITF under Erşad Salihi leadership, Irbil List under the leadership of Mahmut Celebi, Turkmen Democrat Movement under the leadership of Kahri Altınparmak, the Turkmen Reform and Renovation List under the leadership of MP Abdulkadir Bazirgani and the Change List under the leadership of Mahmut Ilhanli.