Aug 22, 2013

Somaliland: Foreign Affairs Minister Unveils EU Policy


The minister of foreign affairs and international cooperation Hon Mohamed Bihi Younis has for the first time, and in a rare press conference held at the Mansoor Hotel, Hargeisa, underlined his new foreign policies.

Below is an article published by Somalilandpress:

The former UN diplomat started by stating the importance of current talks with Somalia and that he supports engagements with the government of Somalia if it means securing international recognition for Somaliland citing the ongoing talks between Somaliland and Somalia to start the dialogue to end the decade’s long standoff between the two which have led to Somaliland and Somalia to engage directly for first face-to-face discussion in London, UK, followed by Dubai, the UAE meeting in June 2012 while the third and fourth were the ones hosted by the Turkish Government in April 2013.

“We expect an EU & world bank delegation to arrive in the country tomorrow [Thursday 22 August 2013] to hold discussion on ways to strengthening partnership with the EU and donor governments in support of further democratization and development”, said Hon Bihi.

Hon Mohamed Bihi Yonis during the press briefing was asked why he went to Nairobi to meet with EU officials a week after the government of Somaliland declined an invitation by the EU/Somalia New deal conference which is due to be held in  Brussels, Belgium next month [September 2013] by which he answered by stating several reasons:

“I went to Nairobi at the invitation of the European Union Special Envoy to Somalia, H.E. Ambassador Michele Cervone d’Urso, to continue discussions over a possible partnership between Somaliland and donor countries based on the principles of the “New Deal for Engagement in Fragile States.”

●     To state the position of the government of Somaliland not engage with any forum which undermines Somaliland aspirations for self-rule hence the decision to decline the invitation by the EU/Somalia New deal conference shall.

●     To discuss with the donor counterparts on the more effective use of aid in addressing Somaliland’s core development needs, with emphasis placed on promoting ownership and accountability.”

Hon Bihi further unveiled plans to engage with world bodies such as the UN ,AU ,Arab World in a bid to state Somaliland case for self-determination, It is high time therefore for the international community to recognize Somaliland.

The new minister of foreign affairs said, “The Republic of Somaliland reasserted its independence from Somalia on May 18, 1991. Since then Somaliland has demonstrated the characteristics of a robust democratic state.

“My message to the international community is Somaliland has satisfied all the requirements of statehood and Somaliland has fulfilled all the prerequisites of statehood under international law”, said Hon Mohamed Bihi.