Dec 13, 2004

Ahwazi in hunger strike

Ten indigenous Arab-Iranian asylum seekers in Australia have been on Hunger Strike to Death for the past 4 days
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Ten indigenous Arab-Iranian asylum seekers in Australia (Baxter Detention Center) have been on “Hunger Strike to Death” for the pat 4 days. The Hunger strikers have sewn their lips and refuse to take any food or water. Latest report as of Sunday Dec.12 indicate that they are getting rather sick and weak

These political refugees are Arab-Iranian human rights and political activists. They have been detained for nearly 5 years in Australia.

The Indigenous Arab minority in the southwestern province of Khuzestan (al-Ahwaz or Arabistan) has been fighting for the right of self determination since the annexation and incorporation of their land into the nation state of Iran.

All the asylum-seekers are suffering from severe depression and stress.

The detention centers are high-security prisons, which offer fewer services than ordinary prisons. The asylum seekers are kept in corrugated cages surrounded by monitoring cameras, 9000-volt fences and motion sensors. The United Nations Human Rights Commission described the detention of these asylum seekers as “imprisonment”

The main issue is: They cannot return - but they cannot endure imprisonment any longer.
What alternative is there?
The Australian Department of Immigration should accept the evidence provided by the detainees and their lawyers and REVIEW THEIR CASES IN LIGHT OF THIS EVIDENCE.

We urge all human rights organization around the world to call the Australian Minster of Immigration and/or Australian Embassies or other diplomatic posts to express their disapproval of the inhuman treatment of asylum seekers and for the immediate release of Arab-Iranian political refugees.