Aug 14, 2013

Somaliland: Refusal To Attend Somalia Conference

Somaliland has refused to attend a conference in Brussels concerning reconstruction and development in Somalia, fearing it would undermine its priority of gaining independence.

Below is an article published by Garowe Online:

Somalia’s separatist region of Somaliland has rejected to attend the upcoming New Deal conference for reconstruction and development of Somalia which is due to take place in Brussels on 16 of September on Tuesday [13 August 2013], Garowe Online reports.

Speaking on BBC Somali Service, Somaliland’s Foreign Minister Mohamed Bihi Yonis said Somaliland previously informed EU officials that Somaliland is willing to attend ‘Brussels Conference’ with its own name since Somalia and Somaliland are two separate administrations.

“The priorities of Mogadishu government and Somaliland are quite different, for instance our needs aren’t similar but we [Somaliland] will welcome any support to develop our initiatives,” added Mr. Yonis.

He noted that Somaliland is in talks with the Somali Federal Government in Mogadishu and that Somaliland is in a better position to gain the region’s long awaited recognition.

Somaliland’s neighbor to the East and the country’s leading pioneer, Puntland previously declared that it will attend Brussels Conference with its own name and status and if the state’s priorities are incorporated into the New Deal Conference agendas.