Aug 12, 2013

Tibet: Greater Responsibility For Diaspora

Tibetan religious leader the Karmapa urges Tibetan youth in diaspora to maintain their language and culture.

Below is an article published by the Timesofindia:

Addressing a large group of foreign-born Tibetan children who are currently on a summer camp programme to the hill town, Gyalwang Karmapa on Saturday [10 August 2013] asked them to remember the difficulties faced by Tibetans living in Tibet.

"There are a lot of difficulties that the Tibetans who live in Tibet face, and the responsibility to remove or eliminate those difficulties falls upon all of us who live in foreign countries," the Gyalwang Karmapa told the young students.

The Karmapa encouraged the young students to learn Tibetan language and to learn about Tibetan culture and traditions. "Actually you are all from a very different environment, a very different place, living in the midst of other cultures, so to be able to learn Tibetan, to speak Tibetan, and to learn about Tibetan culture and traditions is from one way of looking a very difficult thing to do. It can put a lot of pressure on you. But I hope that all of you can take this pressure and transform it into courage" he said.