Jul 22, 2013

Ogaden: Massive Incarcerations Of Civilians

The Ethiopian military continues to carry out extra judicial killing sprees and mass detentions in broad daylight.


Below is an article published by Ogaden Online:

Our reporters throughout Ogaden continue to report extra judicial killing sprees and mass detentions carried out by the Ethiopian military throughout Ogaden. In almost every Ogaden city our reporters detail killings in broad daylight as well as mass detentions of Ogaden civilians.

So far the names below were received from our reporters on the ground and individuals who requested anonymity, as they are not authorized to divulge such information to the public.

July 14, 2013: Birqod, following people were detained.

1 Abdi Rashid Abdul karim
2 Ibado Omar Abdile
3 Abdulahi Hashir

July 13, 2013: Degahbour, Following civilians detained by the Ethiopian security and its Liyu Militias.

1 HassanSsh Mahamud
2 Mahamud Hassan Mahamad
3 Abdiwahid Hassan Mahamad
4 Saynabo Hassan Mahamad
5 Saynabo Wayrah Muhumad
6 Fardowsa Macalin Abdi
7 Bishaaro Deeq Dhoodi
8 Hinda Hassan Sh Mahamad
9 Quresh Hassan Sh Maxamad
10 Mahamad Abdulahi Baska’ay.

July 6, 2013: Nusdariq village, Qabridahar Province, following people were arrested and robbed their property.

1 Ali Abdi Mahad: Robbed 50 goates 
2 Sh Mahamad Olad: Robbed 25 goates
3 Bishar Mahamad Haybe

July 5th , 2013; Barmilka Village, near Duhun town;  Ethiopian soldiers robbed 2000 Birr from Sharif Omar Sharif Hassan

July 5th, 2013: Godey Town,  Ethiopian military detained the following people.

1 Mohamad Oday
2 Mahamad Qalane Digale
3 Dubad Hirane 
4 Mahamuud Abdulahi:  Liyu Militia member
5 Mahad Mahamad: Liyu Militia member

July 3rd, 2013: Fiq town; Ethiopian soldiers tortured and arrested man named Hassan Abdiwahab.

Reports of civilian killings and disappearances follow renewed campaigns by the Ethiopian military to pressure civilians specially those who live in the countryside. It is reported that these military personnel shoot those they encounter in the countryside.