Jun 27, 2013

Iraqi Turkmen: Mourners Gather to Honour Leader’s Death.

Numerous Iraqi Turkmen gathered yesterday in Tuz Khurmato to pay their respect at the funeral of their Deputy Leader. Ali Hashim Muhtaroglu was killed alongside his two young sons in a vicious terrorist attack on 25 July 2013. The attack left at least five additional victims, and is representative of the recent wave of increased violence which has hit northern Iraq in the last few months.

Below is an article published by Radio Free Europe:

Hundreds of ethnic Turkoman mourners have attended the funeral of a deputy leader of their minority group who was killed in a double suicide bombing in Tuz Khurmatu, north of Baghdad.

Ali Hashim Muhtaroglu, the deputy head of the Turkoman Front, was killed along with two of his sons and five other people on June 25, [2013].

The bombers targeted a demonstration by Turkomans against perceived poor security in the region.

Tuz Khurmatu is located some 175 kilometers north of Baghdad in a band of territory contested by Arabs, Kurds, and Turkomans.