Jun 04, 2013

Lezghins Mentioned In A Recommendation Of CESCR Committee

At the 50th Session of Committee of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, a concluding observation on Azerbaijan mentioned the situation of the Lezghins in the country and stressed the importance of protecting minority groups.

The 50th Session of the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights took place from 29th April to 17th May 2013 at Palais Wilson in Geneva, Switzerland. The 50th Session featured a thorough examination of 7 State parties in relation to the implementation of the Covenant articles.

One of the countries under review was Azerbaijan. In collaboration with The Federal Lezghin National-Cultural Autonomy (FLNKA), UNPO presented the Committee with an alternative Human Rights Report on the situation of the Lezghins in Azerbaijan, who are struggling for their right to self-determination. The Lezghin population in Azerbaijan is facing problems like artificial underestimation of their numbers, barriers using their language and expressing their culture. Occasional poor housing combined with dire economic status only adds to their problems.

UNPO congratulates the FLNKA on the fact that Committee included comments on the situation of national minority groups and especially the Lezghins to their Concluding Observations. The document can be downloaded from the right column.

UNPO continues to support the cause of its Lezghin Member and hopes that their acute problems in Azerbaijan get the international attention that they need.