May 24, 2013

Southern Azerbaijan: Independence Day Observed In Washington D.C.

The 95th anniversary of Azerbaijan’s independence was celebrated in the country’s embassy in Washington, where the issue of Southern Azerbaijan was raised in talks with an influential Congressman of the Foreign Affairs Committee.

Below is an article published by Gamoh

The Azerbaijani Embassy hosted an event in which many U.S officials were invited for the commemoration of the ‘Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan’, which was formed on May 28th, 1918, and later occupied by the former Soviet Union on April 20th, 1919. Guest speakers represented Secretary of State John Kerry and the Mayor of Washington D.C. They showed their support for the Republic of Azerbaijan and talked about current positive and productive relation between the U.S. in such sectors as energy and tourism.

Southern Azerbaijan National Awakening Movement’s (SANAM) representative in the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO), Mr. Arslan Chehrgani was also a guest of the night. He had a chance to meet Congressman Dana Rohrabacher who has written an open letter to the U.S Department of State concerning the unity of South and North Azerbaijan, and the implementation of human rights in South Azerbaijan. Mr. Dana Rohrabacher has also recently showed his support for education in mother tongue for ethnic Azerbaijanis living in Iran.

Mr. Arslan Chehrgani thanked Congressman Rohrabacher for his brave actions in bringing the issue of South Azerbaijan into the agenda of the Unites States government, Congress in particular. It is important to note that Mr. Rohrabacher is an influential member of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs.

Mr. Rohrabacher was happy to see positive feedback from South Azerbaijanis. He said that he would continue to support the issue of South Azerbaijan because he saw the injustices that the Iranian regime was imposing on the people.