May 17, 2013

Inner Mongolia: Soil Enhancement Test To Be Conducted

A soil enhancement test in pursuit of a 5 year US$ 12.5 million contract is to be conducted by Canadian company Maple Leaf Green World on 1.5 acres of wasteland.

Below is an article published by BioBasedDigest

In Canada, Maple Leaf Green World  has signed a 5-year waste land reclamation contract with Ordos Lin Ze Bio-Tech Company of Inner Mongolia, China. Maple Leaf will conduct a test on Lin Ze’s 1.5 acres of wasteland with its partners, Soil Works and High Brix. If it is proven successful that trees planted by Lin Ze survive on the 1.5 acres of land, Lin Ze has agreed to grant Maple Leaf a contract to for the whole 50,000 acres to conduct the soil reclamation at a  price of US$2.5 million a year. Lin Ze also intends to grow fruit bearing corps on the 50,000 acres of land, and if successful, the financial benefits generated from it will be split between Lin Ze and Maple Leaf in a separate agreement.