May 01, 2013

Assyria: Parliament Of NSW Recognizes Assyrian Genocide

The Parliament of New South Wales Legislative Council in Australia unanimously passed a motion recognizing the Assyrian genocide. 

Below is an article published by ArmenPress:

Wednesday 1st May 2013, the Parliament of NSW Legislative Council passed unanimously a motion recognizing the Assyrian, Greek and Armenian genocide, at the request of the Assyrian Universal Alliance, the Australian Hellenic Council and the Armenian National Committee, reports Armenpress referring to ANA.

Mr. Hermiz Shahen, the Deputy secretary General of the Assyrian Universal Alliance said; "this constitutes an extraordinary moment in the history of the Assyrian nation. The Assyrian nation is struggling for years to gain the International recognition of the genocide perpetrated against them by the Ottoman government under the leadership of a chauvinistic party, the Young Turk between 1914 - 1923. This recognition will act as a powerful counter to those, especially in present-day Turkey, who still ignore or deny outright the genocides of the Ottoman Christian minorities. Assyrians in Iraq, Syria and Turkey are continuously paying the price as a consequence of the denial of their genocide."

Rev The Hon. Fred Nile, in his Adjournment Speech said: Over the years, many members of the Parliament -- both in this chamber and in the Legislative Council -- have risen to address the issue of recognition of the Assyrian, Armenian and Greeks Genocides. Indeed, it was the Parliament of New South Wales that led the way on this issue, adopting a motion of recognition on the Armenian Genocide in 1997. I rise today to urge we complete the efforts, adopting a motion of recognition on the Assyrian and Greeks Genocides. In remembering these events, we do not seek to apportion blame. This is a matter of history, and history must neither be erased nor forgotten. We must remember and speak the truth."