Apr 24, 2013

Crimean Tatars: Publication Of Crimean Tatar Literature Book

The first volume of the book, originally planned as a 9-volume edition, has been published. The book is in two languages: Crimean Tatar and Ukrainian. The second part, currently a work in progress, is supposed to be about Crimean Tatar songs.

Below is an article published by Crimean News Agency:

Presentation of the book “Library of the Crimean Tatar literature”. People’s creative works: tales, legends, eposes” took place at the Crimean Engineering and Pedagogical University on April 22. The best examples of the Crimean Tatar people’s creative works entered to this collection: folktales, historical legends, heroic and lyrical epic eposes translated by the Professor Dr. Viktor Humeniuk and the poet and translator Danylo Konanenko.

The book was published by order of the State Committee of Ukraine of television and broadcasting by the programme “Ukrainian book” with support of the all-Ukrainian information and cultural centre in Aqmescit.

The edition consists of two parts: one part is in Crimean Tatar and other part is in Ukrainian. İt was noted the work over this book was the laborious task: it lasted since 2008 till 2011. It is the first volume of the edition.

As the Director General of the all-Ukrainian information and cultural centre Vladislav Yermakov: “Actually, the book was planned in 9 volumes. But what will happen next I do not know”. Also, by information of V. Yermakov, Kyiv is interested to publish volumes of this book under its programme “Ukrainian book”.

Moreover, the leading editor of the institution Sabriye Qandim shared they work under the second volume of this edition that dedicated to the Crimean Tatar songs.