Apr 15, 2013

Hmong: Immigration Reform Rallies

Hmong community members attend a rally in Washington DC on immigration reform.

Below is an article published by the kaaltv.com:

More than 50 members of Minnesota's Hmong community recently drove nearly 23 hours to participate in an immigration reform rally in Washing D.C., which was attended by approximately 40,000 people.

Later this week a bipartisan group of U.S. senators is expected to unveil a plan outlining a 13-year path to citizenship for those in the United States without legal documentation.

Members of the Hmong community made the trip in an attempt to influence lawmakers.

Some say they've been waiting years for a decision if a loved one would be granted citizenship. In some instances, members of the Hmong community say they have waited more than a decade. They are asking lawmakers working on the legislation to include language that would expedite decision making.

The group says it plans to make another trip to D.C. if and when an immigration reform bill is debated.