Apr 12, 2013

Crimean Tatars: Visit From The Speaker Of The Turkish Parliament

Cemil Çiçek, Speaker of the Turkish Parliament, paid a visit to Crimea and discussed the issues facing the Crimean Tatars.

Below is an article from TRT English:



Çiçek was welcomed joyfully in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. Crimean Tatars were very excited to host guests from Turkey. They were happy but told about their problems at every opportunity. Çiçek discussed Crimean Tatars’ problems with the speaker of Tatar National Assembly Mustafa Kırımoğlu. Kırımoğlu said : “ Only one tenth of schoolchildren have a chance to go to schools providing education in their mother tongue, the rest go to Russian schools and assimilation continues.” Çiçek said : “ We expressed your demands to authorities concerned. You are part of this society and Crimean Tatars are the strongest leg of the bridge in relations between Turkey and Ukraine.” Çiçek and the delegation accompanying him went to Bahçesaray where they visited Khan palace that has an important place in the history of Crimean Tatars.


They also visited Turkish martyrs’ cemetery in Sevastopol. The holy Quran and prayers were recited at the cemetery created in memory of thousands of soldiers who were killed in the Crimean War.


Picture © TRT