Apr 04, 2013

Iraqi Turkmen : Political Leader Denounces Continuing Persecution

The Chairman of the Iraqi Turkmen Front, Ersat Salihi called on Iraqi authorities to acknowledge the ongoing anti-government protests in Iraq which has a knock-on effect on the Turkmen population, before the country divides.

Below is an article published by Turkish Press

Chairman of the Iraqi Turkmen Front, Ersat Salihi said that "the massacres conducted in Turkmen region of Iraq now continued in different forms".
Speaking to the Anadolu Agency (AA), Salihi underlined that the Turkmens were subjected to brutality in Iraq since 1920.
"In the last few days, assassination attempts and bomb attacks on Iraqi Turkmens increased. This is because the Iraqi Turkmens have preserved their national identity. Unfortunately, certain injustices still take place in a democratic Iraq," Salihi underlined.
Touching on anti-government protests in Iraq, Salihi noted that "unless the government took into consideration the demands of the protestors, Iraq would get divided".
"Iraq is presently going through a big crisis. Turkmen population has been badly affected by this crisis," Salihi also said.