Apr 02, 2013

Documentaries On Wheels Screening In Amsterdam

On April 13th 2013, a screening of documentaries dedicated to biodiversity and minority groups will take place on Dam Square in Amsterdam, from 12.00 to 17.00

Indigenous Movement, dedicated to raise awareness on implementation of United Declaration on the rights of the indigenous people, has recently launched the Documentaries on Wheels program, which is dedicated to screening different documentaries on culture and environment of native people all around the world.

The event is scheduled to start on 12.00 with a documentary on bio-diversity in Suriname. After that, there will be also presentations on West Papua New Guinea, Brazil, Peru and also Lakota. Representatives of Tibet, Turkish Kurdistan, Sri Lanka Tamil and Mapuche people are also expected to be present. UNPO will also be represented at sight. Representatives from all groups will be there to provide information on their people and culture.

Attendance of the event is free of cost.

For more information, please visit  this page.