Mar 26, 2013

Crimean Tatars: History Through Comics

Leading cultural figures and artists are working over comics on the history of Ukraine, showing the role of Crimean Tatars in a much better light than conventional history books.

Below is an article published by Crimean News Agency

Initiators of this project, the Ukrainian known publishers Kapranovs brothers have thought to create a simple and understandable comic book that would unite Ukraine from the Cimmerians to the Ukraine’s independence and from the Trans-Carpathian region to Crimea.

“There is no more tangled and contradictory learning than the history of Ukraine”, - the Facebook page of the project reads.

The authors noted the Crimean Tatars’ history would enter to the project as the integral part of the Ukrainian history. The whole history of Ukraine will put to 40 double-page spread. Each spread will consist of a text, map with explanation and two short comics that illustrate interesting and significant points.

“We are consulted by leading historians: Petro Kraliuk, Volodymyr V’iatrovych, Oleksandr Palii, with the Crimean Tatar historians. At the first time, we show the Crimean Tatars’ history as the integral part of the Ukraine’s history – because “the enemy image” sculpted by the Russian and Soviet historians is must be destroyed. All victories of the Ukrainians were gained together with the Crimean Tatars and all defeats were when this union broke up”, - the Kapranovs brothers told.

They informed they are working over the comic book for two years and are in need of 80 thousands hryvnias to complete the project. The publishers will be obliged very much everybody who can support this unique project.