Feb 20, 2013

West Balochistan: Iran Accelerates Executions Of Baloch Prisoners

As elections approach, the Iranian regime has accelerated the execution of Baloch prisoners. Another four Baloch men were reportedly hanged this weekend.

Below is an article published by Balochwarna News:


The Iranian fascist regime hanged yet another four Baloch in a prison in Zahedan, the capital city of Iranian occupied Balochistan, on Saturday.

The Human Rights Activist (HARANA) has named the four latest Baloch victims of the state’s barbarism as: Gulam Reki, Parviz Mirbalochzahi, Abdulah Barahoui and Mohammad shah Norzai. They were executed on 16 February 2013. 

The report further said with elections approaching, the brutal regime of Iran has accelerated the murder of Baloch prisoners under-custody. 

Just two weeks ago on Wednesday on 30th January 2013, five Baloch prisoners named: Nezar Shahbakhsh son of Allahdad, Abdullah Shahbakhsh son of Asad, Nematullah Shahbakhsh son of Wali Mohamad, Abdul Rahman Shahbakhsh son of Yousef and Saleh Nutizahi were executed in the city of Kerman.

It is pertinent to mention that the Iranian regime never provides any legal attorney to the political prisoners. Their fate is decided by the kangaroo court of Iranian mullahs out of public sight. The regime also often refuses to hand over the bodies of the executed persons to their families.