Feb 18, 2013

Nagalim: Lui-Ngai-Ni, Community’s Largest Festival

Lui-Ngai-Ni was celebrated last Friday under the theme “Weaving Peace Trough Culture”, putting the light on Naga culture and identity.

Below is an article published by E-Pao:


Lui-Ngai-Ni, the largest and common festival of the Naga community was celebrated today [15 February 2013]  at Maha Union Ground, Chandel under the theme "Weaving Peace Through Culture" .

The festival was celebrated not just as a traditional seed sowing festival but also highlighted the cultural identity of Nagas as well as their bonding with land/territory.

Although Naga tribes have their own separate festivals, Lui-Ngai-Ni is the only festival which is celebrated together by all the Naga tribes of Manipur.

As such, the festival serves as a crucial bond of unity amongst the Naga tribes.

Today's Lui-Ngai-Ni celebration was graced by Chandel AC MLA ST Nunghlun Victor as chief guest.

A number of village chiefs, leaders of frontal and regional organisations also attended the festival.

Cultural troupes of different Naga tribes in their colourful traditional attires presented cultural dance and music programmes.

Addressing the gathering as guest of honour NPF legislature wing leader MLA L Dikho prayed that the Lui-Ngai-Ni festival brings bountiful crop yield and heralds mutual understanding, love and harmony among different communities.

It is the beautiful culture of the Naga tribes which enable Naga people to unite together.

He called upon all the Naga people to promote the idea of unity and march together on the path of peace and harmony.

At one time, Nagas were living as a free people under nobody's subordination without any want.

Nagas are known for their hospitality as well as their peace loving disposition.

Whenever any group unleashed violence to suppress Nagas, what Nagas did was only defending themselves, Dikho said.

But today Nagas are facing a difficult situation in their efforts to pave their own future.

In view of the evolving situation, it is crucial to communicate with all the neighbours and come to a mutual understanding, he added.

UNC president L Adani reiterated that the next round of tripartite talk should go deeper into the core issue of the demand for an alternative arrangement.

In this regard, the Government of India has already assured of a follow up talk without inordinate delay.

The act of sowing seeds is central to the culture of the Naga people and today as the Naga people move on into the 21st century, the sowing of seeds and what it symbolizes still continue to be fundamental element in the world view of Nagas and also in their intra community relationship, Adani stated.

The community structure that is classless which starts with the family and clans, comes up to the village republics and then to the Tribe Hohos and all the tribes then coming to form the apex United Naga Council and the Naga Hoho.

The natural evolution of the entire community's structure is oriented towards peace and unity.

"We have always maintained that we are not communal and that we respect the culture, identity and aspirations of other communities just as we wish that ours is respected", Adani added