Feb 13, 2013

Chin: Partnership Agreement For Celebration Of Chin National Day

The Chin National Front will be organizing the Chin National Day celebrations in partnership with the Chin state government, finally allowing for the recognition of Chin National Day as an official holiday.

Below is an article published by BNI Online:

The upcoming 56th Chin National Day celebration will be jointly organized by the Chin National Front (CNF) and Chin state government in Hakha. A motion was passed on Feb. 6 [2013] to allocate a budget of 130 lakhs for the Feb. 20 holiday that will be held in Vumtu Maung field in Chin state capital Hakha.

The day's activities promise to be exciting with singers from around the state and India’s Mizoram. The entertainment will broadcast live on the Sky net TV channel. Other events will include both traditional and modern competitions like Chin wresting, Khuang Cawi dance, volleyball, badminton and high jump.

This year’s Chin National Day will be attended by many CNF members and senior leaders Pu Lian Uk and Dr. Za Hlei Thang. U Sai Muak Kham, Vice President of the Union of Burma, U Aung Min and U Win Htun, Union ministers will also be in attendance.

Chin National Day marks the Chin ethnic group’s struggle for self-determination. On Feb. 20, in 1948, the General Assembly of Chin Land was held in Falam. At the assembly, 5000 representatives voted to overturn their traditional feudal system and adopt democracy for deciding local and state leaders.

Following a December Union level agreement between the Chin National Front (CNF) and Union government, the Chin National Day is finally been officially recognized as a holiday.