Feb 12, 2013

Ahwazi: Iranian Regime Hiding Bodies In Unmarked Graves

According to local sources, the mass grave of four Ahwazi Arabs that were executed last year has been identified by a resident of Baghmalek city. 

Below is an article published by Ahwaz News Agency:

The mass grave of four Ahwazi Arabs executed last year has been identified by an ethnic Bakhtiari resident of Baghmalek city, according to local sources.

The witness claimed that the men's bodies had been taken to the site by security officers and placed in a single grave that was filled with cement. He said the grave was located in the village of Ghale-tal near Baghmalik. Three security personnel kept watch at the grave for three days.

The families of the men - Taha Heidarian, Abdolrahman Heidarian, Abbas Heidarian, and Ali Sharifi - who were executed amid international controversy have never been told the whereabouts of the graves, in direct violation of Islamic custom. The security services have provided contradictory reports and have, on occasion, led them to believe that two of the men are still alive. Nevertheless, funeral ceremonies have been held for the men, who had protested their innocence following secret trials that were widely condemned as deeply flawed.

Executed political prisoners are commonly buried in unmarked mass graves, which the Iranian regime calls "Lanat Abad", the place of the "damned people".