Feb 07, 2013

Somaliland: President Invited By UK Foreign Office

Somaliland’s President has received an invitation for talks with the government of Britain. The issue between Somaliland and Somalia will probably be on the agenda.

Below is an article published by Somaliland Sun 

The government of Britain has invited Somaliland for talks in London.

The president H.E Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo has received an official invitation for talks with the David Cameroon led government in London.

President Silanyo who departed the country from Hargeisa's Egal international airport is accompanied by the 1st lady MS Amina Weris, Foreign minister Dr. Mohamed A Omar and other officials.

The presidenWarm Send offtial entourage that will transit in Nairobi is expected to hold talks with the UK government and more specifically, Foreign Secretary William Hague.

Though the talks agendas has not been made public, it is expected that the talks that are in the heels of the recent ones with the Somalia president shall dwell on the modalities for resumed dialogue between Somaliland and Somalia.

Another anticipated major development is the announcement of hefty donation by the Britons towards enhancing the government in Hargeisa and the democratization process.

Having given Mogadishu a hefty purse it shall be discerned as an affront if the UK fails to act similar towards Hargeisa especially after having issued a poor security alert a few days before it feted the Somalia team.