Jan 30, 2013

Taiwan: Lecturer Praises Cultural Vitality

Taiwan has a huge cultural potential and should leverage its assets, says visiting U.S. university lecturer.

Below is an article published by Focus Taiwan News channel:



Taiwan could leverage its cultural assets to create a much bigger profile relative to its geographic size, a visiting U.S. university lecturer said 

Taiwan should present itself to the world through culture because it has preserved most intangible world heritage and traditions of China, according to Cynthia Schneider, a former ambassador to the Netherlands who now teaches courses in diplomacy and culture at Georgetown University in the United States.

Schneider came to Taiwan at the invitation of Culture Minister Lung Ying-Tai after they met in Washington, D.C. last summer.

"Taiwan is actually positioned incredibly well," Schneider said, explaining that the country's embrace of both freedom of speech and a transparent political system could make its culture more accessible to the rest of the world

There are also strategic ways for Taiwan to promote its culture, Schneider went on, taking Taiwanese film as an example.

Touting the vitality of Taiwan's movie industry. She suggested that the government open a regional film school and develop partnerships with prestigious institutions around the world to boost its film production.

Effort to promote culture could also yield tremendous returns in terms of tourism and investment, she said.