Jan 29, 2013

Taiwan: Low Defense Corruption Risk

Taiwan is listed in the “B-band” in the government defense anti-corruption index, which means that the country is at low risk of corruption. 

Below is an article published by Focus Taiwan News Channel:

Taiwan has low risk of corruption in its defense sector, but there is room for improvement, according to a global survey released Tuesday by Transparency International.

In the government defense anti-corruption index (GDAI), Taiwan was listed among seven countries in the "B band," which means they are "low risk" of corruption, based on four main indices, but still have some shortcomings that leave them exposed.

"Despite the difficulties faced by the country due to its unique international status, there is evidence that Taiwan has strong controls in place to combat corruption risks in defence and security," Transparency International U.K. said in its report.

The other "B band" countries are Austria, Norway, South Korea, Sweden, the U.K. and the U.S.

Only Australia and Germany were listed in the A band, which grouped defense establishments that are "accountable to their citizens, … are transparent about their spending and activities, and have strong controls in place to combat corruption that are actively enforced," according to the report.

Taiwan was assessed for the first time in the survey that looked at 82 countries.

The GDA evaluates the countries' defense risk based five key areas -- political risk, financial risk, personnel risk, operations risk, and procurement risk -- and scores them in bands A to F, with A being "very low" and F "critical."

Fifty seven of the 82 countries assessed, or 70 per cent, have high to critical risk of corruption, scoring in bands D, E, or F, according to the latest report.

"These countries leave themselves exposed to the danger and waste that corruption in this sector brings," it said. "There is room for improvement everywhere: not one country received a perfect score across all 77 questions."