Dec 14, 2012

Southern Azerbaijan: Human Rights Activist Found Dead

Naser Khanzedeh was a human right activist known for his peaceful struggle to protect his nation.


Below is an article published by Gamoh

Naser Khanzadeh was arrested several times and he was detained by the security forces of the Iranian regime after the South Azerbaijan National Uprising Day in 2006 and its anniversary in 2007.


Despite threats by the Ettelaat (Iranian security forces), Mr. Khanzadeh continued his democratic and peaceful struggle to protect the rights of his nation. He was reported missing and later found dead. His family and friends blame the Iranian regime for Khanzadeh’s death.


Southern Azerbaijan National Awakening Movement (SANAM) condemns the Iranian regime for using inhumane tactics in order to silence peaceful human rights and cultural activists. SANAM’s first vice president Mr. Gholamreza Amani was murdered alongside his two brothers by this chauvinist regime. Known national activist Changiz Bakhtavar was found dead at his office. These are just some of the recorded assassinations that the Iranian-Mullah regime has committed.