Dec 03, 2012

Iranian Kurdistan: Kurd Attacked By Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps

A Kurdish man was shot several times by members of the Iran Revoutionary Guard, in yet another incident whereby Kurds are the target of extrajudicial killings.


Below is an article published by PDKI:

Kurdistan Press Agency (Kurdpa) reports that several members of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps attacked a young Kurdish man by the name of Nader Azadtornia in Sanandaj and when he attempted to defend himself they shot him several times.

A witness to the event told Kurdpa that the Azadtornia sustained severe injuries and was taken to hospital after the shooting. The witness also revealed that the Revolutionary Guard refused to let Azadtornia’s family to visit him in the hospital.

According to statistics published by Kurdpa at least 33 Kurds have been shot by the Revolutionary Guard in different cities in Iranian Kurdistan since the end of March 2012. Out of the 33 Kurds who have been shot at by the Guard 21 have died and 12 have been injured seriously. Kurdpa underlines that these numbers are only cases in which the news agency have been able to confirm through witness statements, the actual number is believed to be much higher as many victims or family members of victims are too afraid to give information about such events.