Nov 27, 2012

Abkhazia: Deepened Relations With Turkey

Steps towards relieving Abkhazia from international isolation are taking place, amongst others by restoring its relations with Turkey.


Below is an article from The Messenger Online:

Abkhazian de-facto foreign minister Viacheslav Chirikba and the Mayor of Sokhumi, Alias Labakhua, received a delegation from Turkey, led by the mayor of the city of Side.

According to the Abkhazian media an agreement was signed between the sides about the two cities becoming friends. According to the mayor of the city of Side, the document will help with the deepening of relations between Abkhazia and Turkey. The Abkhazian foreign minister emphasized the need for the restoration of naval movement between Abkhazia and Turkey.

“We want to resume naval and air movement with Turkey. Our aim is our neighbors to recognize Abkhazian passports. We want to drive Abkhazia out of international isolation and we hope ties with Turkey will help us,” said the Abkhazian foreign minister.