Nov 26, 2012

Exclusion and Discrimination of Minorities: The Experience of the Batwa

UNPO and Minority Rights Group International will host a film and discussion at the European Commission's External Cooperation Info Point on 10 December 2012 from 12.30-16.00 entitled “Exclusion and Discrimination: The Experience of the Batwa".

Exclusion and Discrimination of Minorities: The Experience of the Batwa


10 December 2012, 12.30-16.00

Ground Floor, External Cooperation Info Point

European Commission, Rue de la Loi 43

1049 Brussels, Belgium


Brussels, 5 December 2012 – As the indigenous inhabitants of the Great Lakes Region of Central Africa, the Batwa of Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda and Eastern Congo hold the lowest social status in their respective societies. Excluded from most opportunities for education, healthcare, employment and representation in government, the Batwa exemplify the discrimination experienced by minority groups around the world.

In order to raise awareness of the plight of the Batwa, as well as other minority groups, the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO) and Minority Rights Group International, will be hosting a half-day event entitled “Exclusion and Discrimination of Minorities: The Experience of the Batwa”. The event will take place at the European Commission’s External Cooperation Info Point, Brussels, on 10 December 2012 from 12.30 to 16.00.

The event will begin with a screening of Say My Name, a film which documents the experience of discrimination as expressed through the medium of street theatre and performed by members of minority groups in Botswana, Kenya, Rwanda and the Dominican Republic. Following the film, several experts will share their insights with the audience.

The session will include a brief presentation by UNPO on discrimination as experienced by the Batwa people of Rwanda. The organisation will draw upon its recent Alternative Report submitted to the UN Committee on the Economic, Social and Cultural Rights for the Consideration of the Initial Report of Rwanda during the 50th Pre-Sessional Working Group.

The event will conclude with a discussion by academics and human rights activists regarding issues affecting minority groups, such as obstacles to social and political inclusion and minority women as victims of double discrimination. The Secretary General of the Young Women’s Christian Association of Rwanda and Claire Thomas, Deputy Director of Minority Rights Group International, will take part in this discussion.


From left to right: Sofia Olins (Minority Rights Group International), Pudentienne Uzamukunda (YWCA Rwanda), Afisa Gasengayire (Batwa Actress)


Silvia Nerreter (UNPO)

Claire Thomas (MRG)

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