Nov 20, 2012

Chittagong Hill Tracts: “Khagrachari Hill District” Should Not Be Renamed “Khagrachari”

PCJSS protests an official order which asks to drop the word’s “Hill District” and describes the order as an attempt to undermine history and culture in the region.

Below is a PCJSS Press Release:


Recently, an official letter stating to write “Khagrachari” in place of “Khagrachari Hill District” has been issued from the Office of the Assistant Commissioner of Khagrachari Hill District signed underhand by Mr. Anjan Kumar Sarkar, the Assistant Deputy Commissioner (Confidential Branch).


The Official Letter issued on 1 November 2012, in its subject entitled: Regarding correct documentation of the name of district, reads: “In light of the subject mentioned as above, it is hereby being informed that as per the Office Order/Circulation No. MER/JA11/76/83-348 dated 13 October 1983, it is hereby directed with request to step up necessary measures for writing/using “Khagrachari” in place of “Khagrachari Hill District” in all the affairs relating to the government functions.


Parbattya Chattagram Jana Sanghati Samiti is in view that the Office Order issued from the Khagrachari District Administration stands as the straightway violation to the CHT Accord of 1997 and the laws of Khagrachari Hill District Actof 1998 and CHT Regional Council Act of 1998 formulated as per the Accord. In the said act it has been categorically defined as “Khagrachari Hill District.” It is relevant to be mentioned here that as per the notification No.MER/JA11/76/83-348 dated 13 October 1983 issued during the period of military regime, though a separate district named “Khagrachari” was formed with the areas of Ramgarh Sub-division Sadar, Matiranga, Mahalchari, Dighinala, Manikchari, and Panchari, later on, the name of Khagrachari District was renamed as “Khagrachari Hill District” as per the provision conferred in the Hill District Act of 1998 and CHT Regional Council Act of 1998. Hence, ignoring the existing laws, the notification served by the Khagrachari District Administration cannot be held as legal. PCJSS is of opinion that the notification issued by the Khagrachari District Administration is counter-productive to the CHT Accord and motivated.


PCJSS is also in view that the move taken by the Khagrachari District Administration to repel the words “Hill District” – the heir & bearer of the diverse history and tradition of this region, is a part of deep-rooted conspiracy to strike a blow upon the characterized historical and cultural stream of this region.


PCJSS hereby vehemently protests against the said notification served by Khagrachari District Administration and demands for immediate withdrawal of the office order.